It’s difficult to pinpoint the exact event that set me on this path…

Me and Kiwi, a bird that I adopted for only 2 months. He was very unhappy while he lived with me, and using Animal Communication, I found out that he had bonded with his previous owner and wanted to go and live with her again. I was upset to see him go, but glad I could help him.

Maybe it was taking that Reiki, Level I course in the Autumn of 2011. I was so fascinated with the experience of that course that I went on to study many other forms of Energy Work, and began taking what I learned and applying the techniques for use with animals. Or maybe it all started when I was 12 years old, and my skin  began breaking out with merciless fury – what I now recognize as one of the first symptoms of my anxiety, lack of self-approval, and overall inner dis-ease. It was my frustration with allopathic medicine that finally pushed me to seek out alternative forms of healthcare. Or, perhaps this journey began earlier in my childhood, when I somehow decided that I was going to retain a little bit of that belief in magic that we all carry as children, but that many people allow to slip away from them as they enter adolescence and grow into adulthood…

It’s difficult to trace back to the beginning of this thread. My own healing journey has been a long one, full of surprises and curiosities, at times rough and frustrating, and other times sunlit with joy and celebration. As mentioned above, I began studying holistic and alternative medicine as a way to heal myself, but as I took each course or workshop, it became obvious that I was meant to work with animals. I had the urge to put to use the knowledge I was acquiring and to help others, but human energy was just too strong for me to work with at length. I could, however, spend all day with an animal and never realize the passing of time. That, and I have always been drawn to animal energy – the gentleness, playfulness and humour of it. So, for the past 6 years, I have been assisting animals – and their human companions – on their healing journeys.

Doing sessions with Dolce didn’t cure his cancer, but it helped with the pain. After a session, he always slept soundly.

The journey can be disconcerting and daunting for anyone, and you can never truly appreciate just how so until you’ve travelled it, yourself. If you choose to take this journey with me, with your pet, you will inevitably be doing some healing work of your own. Because the animal’s healing journey is more often than not about their humans, too. It’s the reason they’ve chosen you to be part of their life – they have things to teach you, to show you. They have guidance and wisdom to offer that you can benefit from.

And this is just one of the reasons I’ve chosen to work with animals. For all their innocence, they are wise and intelligent beyond words or 3d comprehension. They give abundantly of themselves – there is no end to their love supply. It reminds me of the story of The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein. Which is another reason that I’ve chosen to work with animals – to give something back to them, on behalf of their humans. To help them receive a day’s peace from the pain of cancer. To help ease the discomfort of arthritis. To guide them in a meditation that leaves them invigorated and brimming over with affection for their human families. To help them release past traumas, heal lingering emotional scars, and understand what their humans want and need from them. To help them realize that they are as deeply loved as they love us. Imagine a world where everyone wants that for animals. Imagine a world where every human is willing to heal.

I’m not entirely sure where this journey began for me, personally. I’m not certain where the end is or how much farther we, as a human race, have to go before we reach our destination. But I know that this world has a lot of healing to do.


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