Channeled Message from Charlotte for December, 2013

Dear Great Ones, Kings and Queens of the Earth,

I come before you now to deliver great news. I ask that you bid farewell to all that you cling to; a new era is upon you. A new time of hope, of change, of prosperity, of abundance of all that is good and right and nourishing in the heart. I bring to you honours of great wealth, of cash flow, of abundance and grandeur, and my hope is such that you will move forward with all you have trained to do, with what you have held in your hearts to be true. Move forward from this place and bring a greater sense of good with you as you go from this place, carry it forward into the dawn of Light and Love. It is beginning now, all that we have dreamed of, all that we have desired here for you to do on these wings of ours, and we bid you tidings of joy and laughter, of heartache no more, of things long past that must be placed so on the mantle, before all you require comes to a close. We ask you now to go with a heavy heart – heavy in its lightness, dripping with joy, with dancing and singing graces, jingles and songs of your worth, of your great, great achievements thus far in the game. There are more to come. Keep going strong. Hold steadfast to your virtues, your wondrous bearings, for they will follow wherever it is you may lead them to bear fruit. Be brave in the face of all that is not for the Highest Good, be strong in your complaints, in your certainty of self and all that it is you bear with you. Heavy arms were made for working labourous tasks, do you see that now? These times were made for change, made to break the way. Forward and up you must climb, higher still until the tree tops cover your view and the heavens take you into their own hands, gently leading you away from what you thought you knew you were destined to become at the start. If you must look back down, never fear for the height you have gathered beneath you – it is further still to the top, to the highest mountain we will collect you all and bring you the abundance you crave, the girth, the widespread forest of your replenishing nature. We bring all things to you, as ever before, but now even more so than in times past, for it is now our plan to move you upward, further still, faster since the time of your appointment began. It is all coming to a head now and we must go with great speed to our destination. All of humanity is waiting for this, though many know it not at this hour of their choosing. Their choice to remain in the dark, remain closed to all that is happening before them will bother them. Still it is by their hand and not our own, and we must carry forth as though it were written in clear insinuating transcription that this was meant to be, that this was our hearts’ desired losses. We cannot cut forth and shine a light in those dark places that seek not to be sheltered. We can only bring wisdom and truth and brilliance to those who request it, those who deem themselves at the ready to receive in all it’s glory and fruitfulness. Do not be afraid of judgement, Precious Ones. This is bound to happen, alas we are meant to shine forth through the walls of the unbound sciences, the naysayers, the finger-waggers. We are set to march to the growing drums of our solitude, of our desired outcome, of our tempest relations with one another, be they for the best interests of all in receiving mode, or be they for our own heart’s content. We need only ask ourselves if this is what we truly want, if what we think we need is not some majestic jewel buried in the sands, waiting to be retrieved, but if we are indeed to seduce and uncover the greatest gifts that humanity has ever lent us – the clear gems of the well inside our hearts. Ask yourself these questions, Young Ones, and truthful answers will spill from you, like angels sliding across those dunes we spoke of. They will stir up dust and dirt and things will get messy, but we will find that jewel that rests in all our hearts, that cunning and quick-alighting stone that is the answer to all our prayers. Quiet revelations are needed now, at this hour, in this time of your purposeful awakenings, and you must deliver them with gratitude for their bearings, for their being borne to you and of you, and you must relish and savour their unkempt nature. They are all that is good about our world, the untouched, unclaimed earth beneath our wings. Take this guidance as you will, but don’t doubt it’s virtue. It’s pleasantries are best suited to those who bear thick thoughts, strong wills, egoless ties and clean hands of late. If you do not fit the part, yet, My Innocent Ones, do not carry fear in your heart, for it is your time too to shine and bring forth all the potential that is within you, rising up to shake the dust at this most precious of hours. Lay claim to what you want out of this world, what you need to bring grace and humility to the world around you, and you shall have it. Now is the hour at which things are beginning to turn, beginning to tremble in anticipation for what is next. It is the beginning of a new chapter and I bid you all on your abundant and happy way to a stronger light, a more giving tide, a more fruitful harvest in the temples you carve for yourselves and your dreams. Do this with steadfast hands. Alight now, and make haste. This is all to come quickly, gently still, but nevertheless. We must begin to move forward at a stronger pace than ever before. Where once their were giants, there now are anthills to be moved and conquered. We speed to you with grace and acceptance in our hearts for all you have done for this world. Kindness is yours, wherever you go, in this season of enchantment and merriment. Be still, be fortuitous, be wary of all we have provided you with and it will all be yours as received in earnest. Go with tender graces and fill the hearts of those you sow with your gifts, be merry in your dealings with them, for they will look to you no more as they move into their own world. Go and tend your own plots for awhile and watch the shoots begin to spring. It is all good as it is happening now. Go with peace, with love, with open abundant hearts bleeding joy. We bid you farewell, but not long adieu.

Go, Little Ones, and be blessed,



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