Channeled message for June, 2014

One month is far too long between blog posts, yes? Next Saturday – a post about one of my all-time favourite books that is constantly getting negative reviews. For now, enjoy Charlotte’s message for the month of June.

Now, my Dear Ones, all is well in your world. Be at ease with what I tell you, and with what knowledge we have come to impart.

Please be aware, Little Ones, that the time has come to gift to others what you know of us, to share your beliefs with the world at large and to impress them with your values and your systems of thinking. Do not fear the outburst that may occur against you and your thought processes. These are not real. These outcries will only happen if you will them to be so, for what is in your mind’s eye is of utmost value at this time in your progression towards the Light. Be clear in your requests and they shall be brought to you like fledgelings on the hilltops (Charlotte shows us all an image of a herd of sheep coming over the top of a grassy hill, off in the distance). These things are meant to happen for you, all you have to do is accept them and move forward with your plans and conquests and your will to succeed in whatever it is that you have decided to place your skills against in this world.

If you do this, you will find that many will take up arms with their neighbours and follow you in your travels and in your reapings. They will be blessed to follow you and to share this journey and your teachings with others. Do not resist this, My Children, for this is a most delicate balance that we have achieved here at this point in time. Delicate, indeed, for all will fall to pieces if one of you should decide that you are no longer with us, that these things no longer matter, and that there are other, better ways for you to be spending your time in this world. Such trivial acts will not beget greatness, My Dear Ones, for they are all heart and no soul. All ego and no soundness of mind. Forget these distractions – push them aside and be at one with the path you have chosen. It is right for you in every way possible. We have designed it to be this way, so that should you proceed with open intentions, it will not be long before you reap the rewards of your efforts, the fruits of your labour. Be bountiful in your supply and the demand will come, Dear Ones. They are open and receptive to you and your work in every way, they just do not know it yet.

Be cautious in your proceedings, as always, be clear in your intent, be diverse in your reach, be optimistic in your outlook, and they will come crawling forward – at a snail’s pace, some of them, at a rabbit’s pace, others – and will bring to you their enthusiasm and their thirst/hunger for all things right and true and glorious. You must first show them your badges of honor, your merits, your awards, your prestige. Show them examples of what you have done for others, give them plentiful information about who you are and why you have chosen to walk this path and they will come crawling ever forward, wondering what you are about, who you trained with, so on and so forth. Do not be afraid to fall short of their expectations – it is a given that you will in some cases. This, too, is part of the process of building yourself an empire, building a legion of followers who you can carry your words to and who will resonate with what you say and how you say it.

Do not be afraid, My Dear Ones, to place yourselves in the path of scrutiny. These things must be told, for they can no longer wait. It is time to bring forward what you know and shed light on the subjects that burn brightly in your hearts. Let go of what you have conceived as being “prepared” or “worthy” enough to proceed. Let us tell you that there is no other time in which to proceed with your plans. It is all happening now and can no longer wait. Do you wish to delay your actions? Let it be said that those who do wait will fall short of the expectations laid out for them on this planet. There is so much to do, let not another second be wasted! Draw up your flow charts! Build your castle walls! Construct your game plan! Do it now before the tide has turned. When it ebbs, it will drown you if you do not strike while the iron is hot. Move in motion with what is happening and the natural flow will carry you on its course towards all that is awaiting you.

Make haste now, and do not be fooled by debauchery. The time for worry and fear is long past and you cannot make excuses any longer. It is time to unleash yourself upon the world, make good on your promises to yourself and your fellow comrades. Be at peace with all you know, for this is just the beginning of what is meant to happen in this world. There are many changes taking place now, and it all begins here in the present day and time with people like you – those who have been called to present themselves to the world and to enlighten those around them with their words and deeds and thought processes.

Do not be afraid of falling, Dear Sweet Ones. The path is covered in sharp stones, yes, but these stones are here for your protection from what lies beneath them – a woodwork of complex systems and attachments that would leach you dry if you were to touch them. Do not be afraid of the work involved, Dear Ones, for anything good in this world does take some effort to build and sustain long-term. Rather, be cautious about all you see and hear, and who it is that you yourselves choose to guide and follow. All these things are planned to wake you up and deliver you at the appropriate time, in the appropriate context, to those who are awaiting your beck and call. Do not hesitate to deliver to them all that we have taught you, for we are pleased thus far with your learning abilities, with the skills you have acquired, and the lessons you have dedicated yourselves to passing on to others of your kind. We are pleased indeed with the progress you have made.

All is well in our world, as it is in yours. Be at peace, and we shall come again when the time is right.



Thank you, Charlotte.


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