Channeled Message for September, 2014

Two posts in one weekend! Methinks you guys are getting spoiled 😉

This month brings a fortitude that many of you have yet to experience in your lives on this planet. There are ways for all of you to openly enjoy this period; which ones you choose to endeavor will be entirely your own calling. However, be careful not to overload your senses; this is a time of great persistence, trial and error, an open calling to the supreme being of your righteous mind and all that you aspire to be in this world. Do not let this time go to waste, Dear Ones. It is crucial in this time period that you make the most of what we have given you, of the path that has been laid in your honour, and we ask you now to take the steps necessary to blow open the waters of your birthing, of your goodness and wholeness for this life.

We are watching you with a curiosity and a patience which cannot be rivaled by any of your comrades. We are here to assist and guide you on your journey and make certain that it is you who receive all that is your birthright and that your utmost potential is served in the highest manner. Be well with this fact and allow us to do our duty for you and yours. We are well prepared for the time to come when you cannot give of yourself any further and we must ask you now to show us proper diligence and aspire to give us all you can be in this hour when your hand is required and blessed with the many gifts of your culture. If you do this for us, we can guarantee that all that is coming to you is yours for the taking, and that these things will not pass you by but will flock to you like a herd of sheep.

Be well, Little Ones, for the time is young still and there is much to accomplish in this hour of ours when hands are trembling and fastened to the touch of light regard. We ask you to bear with us, now, in the hour of your rising, we ask for your patience and talents, to pursue with utmost care and warmth in your heart. These things will bring to you many pleasures, be certain of that. They will not cause you harm or foul or to fall when you most need to rise up and quench your thirst.

Strive to do more than what you have done in the past. Strive to be a better person, with regard for others, with graciousness and diligence in all you pursue and whatever affairs you may handle. Disengage from the trivial matters of past attempts at success in the field of your study. Instead, surge forward at a rate that has never before been known to you and bring to yourself all that shines in elegance and tranquility and make these things your shift in gear. Be certain that not all you aspire to be and do will come to you easily, or favourably, but be certain that as these things come to pass, you will see why it had to be so from your improved standpoint. These things are not yours for the taking, or should they be they may simply may not come to you as easily as other things in your field of networking. These are things that you must work for, find common ground on and press forward when the time is honoured and the hour has come for you to make your move. Be gentle with yourselves, Young Ones, for you do not need to worry about your end standpoint so much as we need to honour and guide and respect your rights to change your point of view and your reward system.

Be well with the fact that you are making progress, and progressing towards a light that shines so brightly for you in this hour of alteration and stamina and competence. We are pleased with the changes you have made to your daily routine, to the schedule that allows you to do what pleases you most and moves you towards those goals that are so important to your time here. We bless and honour your route redirection and the changes that will follow for us, as well as your co-workers, lovers, friends and loved ones in your inner circle of comrades. We bless and thank you for the honour of doing work with us in the first place, and we hold true that you should keep in time with this progress and press forward with the work you have done in the past. Do not be disturbed by the changes you hold in your heart, the things you now want for yourselves. These are all part of the journey that makes you who you are and who you will be. Who you will be is something great, something awe-some and worthwhile; a person of great interest and intellect, of study and change and growth.

We leave you now with these words to mull over. Slip them into your box and sleep on them, the way you would do with any questions or answers that are of great concern to you. Hold them fast to your heart and do not let them go until you are ready to make peace with what has been said. It is at this time that we will ask you to carry on with your work, as you have done, and to integrate who you now are with what you have learned from us during your stay. Do not be afraid of what change the future brings, for it is all well and good and to your honour; a mighty feast of sorts awaits you and it is your skill and talent in all regards that will move you to the table. Be well now, and carry on with what you have learned.

Peace be with you,


Thank you, Charlotte.




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