Channelling with Charlotte: Message for December, 2014

Hey, Everyone!

I’ve got an announcement coming soon (actually a few announcements) and I’m going to post it in video format, so as soon as I get a chance to record it you’ll get the lowdown! I’m crazy excited to share the news, so keep your eyes peeled. For now, enjoy Charlotte’s message for this month – it’s very positive and uplifting, so it’s perfect for the holiday season:

Friends and Family,

Young and old alike: we come to you with great propensity for how to still your mind and put your thoughts at ease. We do not shelter you from all that you carry, nor do we bargain with you to gain what we think is the best route for you to follow – these things must come of your own accord, in your own worthiness and light, and of your own following – but still we make room for you to grow by scraping all that is unclean and unkempt and untidy from your lifestyle and your wants and your ways. We keep them clear so that you may progress to the next level of your own accord, of your own restraint, your own liege, and we do not complain if we see yourselves choosing the wanton way despite all that we carry for you.

This path you must follow if it is to be your own – your own choosing, your own immortality leading you to greater things than we can dare choose for you. Do not oblige to take the path that you are given, Dear Ones – this is not the way that we intend for you to go about your day, choosing this or that because you feel it has been ordained for you to do so. Rather, we seek to embellish your life and your tapestry with our art, with our wise keepings that so often have lead you to the favors you now seek. These things are here for you, always, Dear One, but you mustn’t stray from what it is your heart desires. Your heart desires courage, warmth, love, respite, blossoming of the chakra complex, and many other things we would bestow upon you if we could do so.

Just think, Dear Ones, how fulfilled you will be if you were to take this chance presented before you, the one in your heart you keep at a far distance from your mind’s eye, the one you choose to follow against all odds, in all circumstances, with all favors and contours of the inner realm. Just think, Young Ones, how alive and free you could be if you take what is within you and let it shine for all to bear witness to. How brightly you would glow with knowledge and favor and the sweetness of your complexity, your prosperity, your wonder and amazement at all you are worth in this world.

Be not afraid, Young Ones, for the time has come to present yourselves to society, as it is calling upon you and your skilled hands, your healer’s hands, to make the mark so many have been confused to make in generations past. The time has come, my Friends and Family, to bear witness to these trials of late, to bring them forward and mold them into lessons and values and attitudes of greatness, of richness and prosperity, of worthiness and glass slippers.

Be right in your ways, Young Children, for the light is shining on you, and your marks will be the brightest of all for those who come afterwards. Be wise with this, Dear Ones, for we are greatly privileged to work with you and to have had this exchange of tongues and techniques of connection. We have been waiting a long time to bring forth our knowledge and our gifts to you, and all we ask is that you bring them onward into the waiting hands of the many.


I don’t know about the rest of you, but I like the sound of glass slippers! Thank you, Charlotte. 🙂 I’ll see you all on Monday morning with a new post (yup! The posting schedule is getting a shake-up!) and it’s gonna be a must-read for those of you who are healers and/or self-development junkies… 😉

Until Monday.



Finally! Channeled Message From Charlotte & Avril The Indigo for November, 2014

Alright, Dear Ones,

The time has come now for you to pursue your innermost wants and fulfillments and pleasures at last. Be sure of your foothold in your chosen field, for that is where your boundaries lay, and be sure to ascertain your needs from your desirous will, Children, for these things cannot be mixed. But do not be afraid of pursuing pleasure, for pleasure gives us cause and will to survive, to strive ever forward in our pursuit of just cause.

Be ever mindful of your progress, Dear Ones, for these things cannot exist without some diligence on your part, some certain application of your skills and traits. These things you will fall back on when the time has come to unveil all that you have achieved, and you can be certain that when such a time arrives, you will have achieved things far beyond the current scope of your probing mind.

You must be careful, Dearest Loves, for there is want in your field and untidyness in your keeping at the present moment. There are things you must do to proclaim your future secure, your birthright fixed. These things are ones you have set before but laid to rest as of late – things that should not have fallen by the wayside, but have done so and now must be resurrected with utmost passion and grace. Do not be cold to the treasures that lay at your feet, Gentle Ones, for these things too deserve your respect and admiration. They are of your passion, your maturity and progress will show no slowing if you are to reap the rewards of your gusto and frankness. These things are tidy if you keep them that way.

Without due diligence, your career will suffer, your fortunes fade, your gusto grow dull with insincerity and busyness. Keep your treasures close to your heart, Dear Ones, and pursue without hesitation all that you might enjoy during your time spent on the Earth field. But do not pursue that which might draw your attention from what is before you, the true mark of your worth. Only bring these pleasures forward if they bear the mark of those that will aid you in your progress, in your dance of fruitality, in your will to do good for others. Do not keep them to yourself, Dear Ones, for they are of no use to us here, in the Land of Keeping. We keep them close to our hearts so that they may be placed in your path as stepping stones to the future. You are quite welcome, then, to seek our aid and our guidance if you have need of it, but do not put all before us that is not of your true nature.

Ask yourself: are these things I am in pursuit of things to my blessing or to my disadvantage? In what way will I be better off than I am now at this point in time if these things I want were to come to fruition for me? Would they leave me at a disadvantage with regards to my cornerstone, to my work, to my progress in this virtual reality? Do I really need the things I am wanting so badly, and how badly then should I pursue these interests and pleasures of mine? Do I have need of it in my world? In my repertoire of activities? Of people? How much of this pleasure I am pursuing do I need in order to satisfy my cravings for it? When is enough, enough? Ask yourselves these questions, Loved Ones – the answers may surprise you.

You are not at all expected to give up those things you desire most – in addition to that, you are not expected to bleed night and day for the thing it is you are pursuing in your profession, in your Lightwork. Do not bleed by these imbalances, Young Ones, for you will not do well to have no work and all pleasure, just as you would fare badly to have all work and no play. Strike a balance between the two, Dear Ones. How much do you need of each to satisfy yourselves? How much do you need to take? How much do you need to give? Provide the answers and you will provide the outcome that will be most to your benefit.

Reflect on this awhile and see if you can determine your true passions from your desirous will. These things cannot be proclaimed on an even keel, for they are not. While you are uncertain as to what your goals are, the outcome of your actions is yet to be determined. Be clear in your conscious mind of what it is you want to achieve while you are in this world and this game plan will be spread before you like bread and butter. Do not eat carnivorously of either sanction; simply follow your good graces, your better judgement, and we will see you on the other side.

Take care, Loved Ones,


Thank you, Charlotte.



Channeled Message for the Year 2014

Happy New Year, everyone!!! I hope that you all did something to celebrate, whether it was going to a party with friends, curling up with a good book and some chocolate in front of the fireplace, having dinner out, etc… 

I asked Charlotte to give us all a special message with regards to the upcoming year and what we can expect. As always, if you feel curious about what she said then it means that there’s something in the message that pertains to you and your journey, so read on! And Happy Holidays 🙂

Dear Little Ones,

Ones who we have watched over, time and again, as you make your mistakes, dust yourselves off and begin anew; ones who we have gathered here in consequence of our urgings and who have answered the call we have given each of you, in your stead, in your path, in your righteous ways and thoughtful dispositions, that we might tie you all together as one – one whole group for the betterment of mankind: we ask you now to lay down whatever weapons you have brought with you, whatever tools of destruction you have carried forth, hashing away at what once was in order to make new ways and build new bridges to better pastures. The time has come to put these things aside and to follow us into the clearings, into the light so that it may reach inside you and wash away those grudges you have carried here, to this place of your rebirth. It’s time to let go of these things. Time to move forward, altogether now, as one and one complete entity of mind and of spirit. Time to begin building the paths for the little ones with lights shining in their eyes and better ones yet glowing in their hearts. Time to put the building blocks before them that they too may participate in the reconstruction of your world, of your time and habits of your people. It’s time now to move ahead to all that serves you and break the bread in celebration of all that you have accomplished. The path has been cleared. The destruction has been good. Things have been laid to rest that needed to be restored for some time now. And this has all been in your honour, by your hands, by your own true deeds of goodness and rightness.

Trust in your instincts to guide you now toward the new glory of your uprising people, the ever-increasing vibrational scale and measurement of your lands, your cultures. They are at a wayward motion, crossing still, moving ever upwards and forwards at a steady pace. We place in your hands, give over to you, all the gifts you shall need in this time of forging and of renewal. The seeds have been planted and are beginning to sprout. The land has been tilled and is ready to flourish and overflow with riches and splendor. Be patient still, my Loves, for it will be a long while, this progress we promise to you. It will be a long while before the blind begin to see again and the angry and unfulfilled made completely whole, the stubborn swayed. It will be a good time yet before these things come to pass, but wait you will, for you are the patient ones, the breathless, the quiet, the contemplative.

We have asked you here with us now because we trust in you a great honour, a great request of those who reside in the far reaches of the heavens, that you bring forth your knowledge of what is right and true, of the way that things should be. We ask that you carry out our request with gratitude in your heart, with love and remembrance that all of you are human in your journey and awaiting a similar event, but all reaching it at various hours, connecting to it and through it in your own unique ways. We ask that you have patience and diplomacy with your fellow creatures, the humans who walk alongside you but do not yet see the glories and riches ahead, in the years to come. We ask that you honour their journey and our request, that you bless each of your fellow schoolmates and refugees and honour them still, even when they do not bestow such graces upon yourselves. This is the way of the Lightworker. This is the way of the Star Seed beings. This is the way of the people beyond your planet, who have shown such respect as to only reach to those who request their assistance, but no more than that.

You will find, as you progress along this path, in the year to come, that things will begin to unfold at a faster pace. This is because things are now progressing at such a rapid rate, hearts unfolding everywhere, minds melding as one. We are ushering you quickly into a new world, a new dawn of time, a new path on which to walk, that the immaculate splendors of your world will begin to appear in your hands, in your homes, in your places of work, in the streets, in the rooms where children play together – especially here, as children are not as aware of how things “should be” – and you will find yourselves surprised by how easily things become manifested in your life, in the lives of your loved ones… even those who do not believe in the powers of the human consciousness.

We ask that you hold true to your path, even when tempted by the deliciousness of the items you find yourself surrounded by. It is perfectly acceptable to indulge your fantasies, to lick your chops and say, “Yes! Please give me a serving of that or a taste of this!” It is alright to enjoy the fruits and splendors of the planet you have shaped for yourselves. But please, do not go overboard. It is important to keep in mind the tasks for which you are responsible, the duties you have been called forth to carry out, and we expect full compliance with our requests, should you momentarily stray from your course. It is natural and “normal” as you would put it, to get wrapped up in the splendor, the finery of the worlds and cultures, of the continents on which you have manifested. It is important though to keep in mind that while these are a delicious taste of what life in human form has to offer, it is not the be-all, end-all of this world. There is so much more for you to focus your desires on, so much more that will please your eye – much of it found in the natural landscape and climate of your various regions. Be still and go within when you catch yourselves getting out of control, going overboard with the delicious fantasies that you indulge yourselves with. This is not life. Only a small part of it. The beauty that you create with your artistic fingers is meant to be appreciated, yes. The clothing, the opulence, the wardrobe, the grandeur of castles beyond your wildest dreams, they are all part of the excitement of being human, of being in creative power of your imagination and of your physical reality. But there is work to be done and be done it must. Undone it simply cannot go.

We ask that you reflect on these words often – print them and post them by your bedside, so that when you wake each morning, you will remind yourself to create circumstances, loves, friendships, unions, memories so grand that they rival anything you could create with pieces of gold and jewels, with fabric, with machinery, or with your physical hands. Remember to create love-filled experiences, as well as memories and experiences of physical blessings, and you shall have it all. Who says that you cannot?

Go now, take all that we have said, and think on it as you make your way through the calender months. We are watching and waiting, pleased with your work thus far and determined to bring you ever higher into the realms of the almighty gods and goddesses who will one day sit beside you and marvel that you were, at a time, never there. Be pleased with yourselves, and go in peace, Little Ones. Be blessed in all that you do.

Our blessings are with you, always.


Thank you, Charlotte.