Channelled Message for the Year 2015: Charlotte & Avril The Indigo

Hey, Monkeys!

Your New Year’s gift arrives early this season! Only 3 days early, but whatevaaaa…

Today’s post is a channelled message from Charlotte – about the year, 2015! Like, as in… the whole entire damn year! I considered keeping this for my subscribers who request their free copy of Charlotte’s Channelled Monthly Messages for 2015, but I was just too freaking excited not to make this one public.  😉 (If you do want your own free copy of the book in your inbox on New Year’s morning, subscribe for email updates to my blog – fill in the field in the column to the right of this post – and then send me a message with your email address and you’re all set to partaaayyy.)

Check it out – it’s going to be a fricking amazing year for those of us who believe in magic:

My Dear Ones,

This is a time of gratitude for all you have achieved, all you have come to know over the last year and a half of your making. The times have shifted; we are now in a time of celebration, of heavy lifting, no doubt, and of great endeavors for all who seek fulfillment of their values and skill and true worth. Come now, Young Children, be all that you can be and do what is of utmost importance to your talent. Bring these skills you have accumulated beyond the castle walls, bring them into the reach of others for enjoyment, for pleasure, for the purposes of vast fulfillment and honor of all those in your care. Do not step by the wayside while others do your bidding – no. Now is the time for you to step forward, Dear Ones – Beloved Ones. Now is the time for you to sow what you have wrought with your own hands, with your own entry point, bring it to fruition for all to see and hear. They will be most honored that it is they you have chosen to share these gifts with, Dear Ones. It is they who will be most handy with the skills and tools you provide them, and they will be deeply thankful for your honor in doing so.

Be certain in your skill, Dear Ones, for it is all you have on these planes to separate you from the others who tangle in their memories of things not of this world. They do not see the starlight, the heavens, the Earth revolving on its foot the way that you see the magic in the skies and all around you. They have not tasted the sweet abundance of your worth, of their worth, of all the world’s glory and ever-changing premise. They have not been guided to dispel of their worries, their phobias, their cares and concerns the way that you yourselves have done for the purpose of fulfilling your art in the best possible way. Do not dispose of those who seek your counsel, Young Ones, Brave Ones, for they too are a concern of yours that you must handle, that you must carry with you until it is your time to release them, fully healed of their concerns. It is you, Young Ones, who must be brave and heady and strong and righteous, you who must win honor and respect amongst those of your comrades, the ones waiting for you in quiet sanction, attending to your glories as they do your every fear, every hazard.

You must be brave too, Children, for the time is coming when all will break loose of this world and the tides will ebb and flow away from you, and you must be able to hold strong, must be able to keep the pace of what you are doing in order to bring tide again. You must keep your ship afloat and hold steadfast to your anchor. Do what you will, Young Children, to see yourselves through this stormy weather, but do not despair – all is well. All is given to you now in this time of need and messiness. If things do not go your way, plan ahead for better times. See them through with a heavy heart, Bright Ones, and we shall not be able to grow with you through this solemn hour. Be well in your imaginings, for all is heavy duty at first glance, but it is second glance that truly lays to rest the fears or hopes. Be strong, Loved Ones, and all that is good will find its way to you on certain path, with sprinkles of magic along the way.

There now, Loved Ones, take care. Take care of yourselves and your gifted ways and challenges. Meet them head-on and fiercely. Be brave in your sanction, in your gift, in your art, and in your artwork. Be tirelessly creative and endowed in the sectors of plenty and brilliance. Make peace with your art form, Dear Ones, for more is to pass that is to take you deeper into the reaches of the folds of your gifts and skills. At this time, there is a blossoming happening among your kind, one that is marked as the beginning of a gloriously creative time in human history, one that will be forever remembered as a time of prosperity, of abundance, happiness and worth, of great skill and knowledge, of worthiness and gladness.

Do not be afraid, Young Ones, for that time has come to show your gifts to the world, to provide them with plenty and with opportunity for growth and abolishment of old tidings, old choosings, old livelihoods. Bring them forth with your talents, your skills, your good graces and others will choose to follow. Bring forward all the works you have created in your dark holes, cooped up in your summer houses, your rain trees. Bring forward the things you have accomplished in these times when you were beating your chest, crying out loud for summer to end, to go on, to continue as always and never before. Bring these things forward, Dear Ones, and let the slave within you be released from captivity. These things are not to be rescued, oh no. They are to be handed over for examination, for study, for the purpose of spreading the word of their plenty, their station. Be kind to yourselves and others will follow. Be kind to them, and they will do the same to you.

This year is a time of great reaping, Dear Ones. Of great reckoning with your sins and your unworldly deeds and misfortunes, your mistakes and mishandlings. Let these things go, and the rest will follow. The bargains you make now are of no service to yourselves or any other. Be free of them, Dear Ones, and glad that you are ours to take care of, to have and to hold until life sweeps you off your feet and brings back to us in the form you once held as a member of our tribe. Be not afraid of these things, Gentle Souls, for the time is coming when it is you who shall be gathering the flock, bringing them in close for the curtain call. It is you who we will look to to bring them guidance and admiration from all corners of the world. We cannot bear any longer the tasks which are yours to create and take hold of. We must mention, at some point, Dear Ones, that it is we who hold for you all the callings of your countenance, all the ripe richness of your fullness and worth. We ask you now to consider making these your birth stone, your landmark, so that they too may flower and spring forth whatever bearings may come of them.

We give you plenty to provide to others of your natural skill and talent and seek to do you justice by spending our time and efforts in the realm of your choosing. However, do not task us, Dear Ones, with begetting your chosen station in the form of hearth and mantlepiece. We do not allow for such things in our favor, in our honor, and ask that you let them go. Be at peace, Young Ones, with all you have learned here in the realms of the great. Be at peace with yourselves and your talents and skills and we will do the same for you in your darkest hour as in your greatest.

Be dexterous in your sanction, Emboldened Ones. We do not give value to those who do not govern their mortal tendencies, and who abide by the laws of the careless few who digress from the challenges that lay in their windswept path. Be cautious, Young Ones, in your challenges, as in your greatness. Be careful not to spread too soon the reapings of your pleasures and successes, but spare them for the after party. Be grande in your eloquence and your visions, and spread to all those who favor you your vision for greatness and peace and prosperity in a land of freedom and bounty and beauty.

Go now, Dear Ones, and tell of what you have heard. The process is in the keeping of those born with the skill of great wisdom and livelihood borne of solace and grace.


Thank you, Charlotte!

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Finally! Channeled Message From Charlotte & Avril The Indigo for November, 2014

Alright, Dear Ones,

The time has come now for you to pursue your innermost wants and fulfillments and pleasures at last. Be sure of your foothold in your chosen field, for that is where your boundaries lay, and be sure to ascertain your needs from your desirous will, Children, for these things cannot be mixed. But do not be afraid of pursuing pleasure, for pleasure gives us cause and will to survive, to strive ever forward in our pursuit of just cause.

Be ever mindful of your progress, Dear Ones, for these things cannot exist without some diligence on your part, some certain application of your skills and traits. These things you will fall back on when the time has come to unveil all that you have achieved, and you can be certain that when such a time arrives, you will have achieved things far beyond the current scope of your probing mind.

You must be careful, Dearest Loves, for there is want in your field and untidyness in your keeping at the present moment. There are things you must do to proclaim your future secure, your birthright fixed. These things are ones you have set before but laid to rest as of late – things that should not have fallen by the wayside, but have done so and now must be resurrected with utmost passion and grace. Do not be cold to the treasures that lay at your feet, Gentle Ones, for these things too deserve your respect and admiration. They are of your passion, your maturity and progress will show no slowing if you are to reap the rewards of your gusto and frankness. These things are tidy if you keep them that way.

Without due diligence, your career will suffer, your fortunes fade, your gusto grow dull with insincerity and busyness. Keep your treasures close to your heart, Dear Ones, and pursue without hesitation all that you might enjoy during your time spent on the Earth field. But do not pursue that which might draw your attention from what is before you, the true mark of your worth. Only bring these pleasures forward if they bear the mark of those that will aid you in your progress, in your dance of fruitality, in your will to do good for others. Do not keep them to yourself, Dear Ones, for they are of no use to us here, in the Land of Keeping. We keep them close to our hearts so that they may be placed in your path as stepping stones to the future. You are quite welcome, then, to seek our aid and our guidance if you have need of it, but do not put all before us that is not of your true nature.

Ask yourself: are these things I am in pursuit of things to my blessing or to my disadvantage? In what way will I be better off than I am now at this point in time if these things I want were to come to fruition for me? Would they leave me at a disadvantage with regards to my cornerstone, to my work, to my progress in this virtual reality? Do I really need the things I am wanting so badly, and how badly then should I pursue these interests and pleasures of mine? Do I have need of it in my world? In my repertoire of activities? Of people? How much of this pleasure I am pursuing do I need in order to satisfy my cravings for it? When is enough, enough? Ask yourselves these questions, Loved Ones – the answers may surprise you.

You are not at all expected to give up those things you desire most – in addition to that, you are not expected to bleed night and day for the thing it is you are pursuing in your profession, in your Lightwork. Do not bleed by these imbalances, Young Ones, for you will not do well to have no work and all pleasure, just as you would fare badly to have all work and no play. Strike a balance between the two, Dear Ones. How much do you need of each to satisfy yourselves? How much do you need to take? How much do you need to give? Provide the answers and you will provide the outcome that will be most to your benefit.

Reflect on this awhile and see if you can determine your true passions from your desirous will. These things cannot be proclaimed on an even keel, for they are not. While you are uncertain as to what your goals are, the outcome of your actions is yet to be determined. Be clear in your conscious mind of what it is you want to achieve while you are in this world and this game plan will be spread before you like bread and butter. Do not eat carnivorously of either sanction; simply follow your good graces, your better judgement, and we will see you on the other side.

Take care, Loved Ones,


Thank you, Charlotte.



Channeled Message from Charlotte for December, 2013

Dear Great Ones, Kings and Queens of the Earth,

I come before you now to deliver great news. I ask that you bid farewell to all that you cling to; a new era is upon you. A new time of hope, of change, of prosperity, of abundance of all that is good and right and nourishing in the heart. I bring to you honours of great wealth, of cash flow, of abundance and grandeur, and my hope is such that you will move forward with all you have trained to do, with what you have held in your hearts to be true. Move forward from this place and bring a greater sense of good with you as you go from this place, carry it forward into the dawn of Light and Love. It is beginning now, all that we have dreamed of, all that we have desired here for you to do on these wings of ours, and we bid you tidings of joy and laughter, of heartache no more, of things long past that must be placed so on the mantle, before all you require comes to a close. We ask you now to go with a heavy heart – heavy in its lightness, dripping with joy, with dancing and singing graces, jingles and songs of your worth, of your great, great achievements thus far in the game. There are more to come. Keep going strong. Hold steadfast to your virtues, your wondrous bearings, for they will follow wherever it is you may lead them to bear fruit. Be brave in the face of all that is not for the Highest Good, be strong in your complaints, in your certainty of self and all that it is you bear with you. Heavy arms were made for working labourous tasks, do you see that now? These times were made for change, made to break the way. Forward and up you must climb, higher still until the tree tops cover your view and the heavens take you into their own hands, gently leading you away from what you thought you knew you were destined to become at the start. If you must look back down, never fear for the height you have gathered beneath you – it is further still to the top, to the highest mountain we will collect you all and bring you the abundance you crave, the girth, the widespread forest of your replenishing nature. We bring all things to you, as ever before, but now even more so than in times past, for it is now our plan to move you upward, further still, faster since the time of your appointment began. It is all coming to a head now and we must go with great speed to our destination. All of humanity is waiting for this, though many know it not at this hour of their choosing. Their choice to remain in the dark, remain closed to all that is happening before them will bother them. Still it is by their hand and not our own, and we must carry forth as though it were written in clear insinuating transcription that this was meant to be, that this was our hearts’ desired losses. We cannot cut forth and shine a light in those dark places that seek not to be sheltered. We can only bring wisdom and truth and brilliance to those who request it, those who deem themselves at the ready to receive in all it’s glory and fruitfulness. Do not be afraid of judgement, Precious Ones. This is bound to happen, alas we are meant to shine forth through the walls of the unbound sciences, the naysayers, the finger-waggers. We are set to march to the growing drums of our solitude, of our desired outcome, of our tempest relations with one another, be they for the best interests of all in receiving mode, or be they for our own heart’s content. We need only ask ourselves if this is what we truly want, if what we think we need is not some majestic jewel buried in the sands, waiting to be retrieved, but if we are indeed to seduce and uncover the greatest gifts that humanity has ever lent us – the clear gems of the well inside our hearts. Ask yourself these questions, Young Ones, and truthful answers will spill from you, like angels sliding across those dunes we spoke of. They will stir up dust and dirt and things will get messy, but we will find that jewel that rests in all our hearts, that cunning and quick-alighting stone that is the answer to all our prayers. Quiet revelations are needed now, at this hour, in this time of your purposeful awakenings, and you must deliver them with gratitude for their bearings, for their being borne to you and of you, and you must relish and savour their unkempt nature. They are all that is good about our world, the untouched, unclaimed earth beneath our wings. Take this guidance as you will, but don’t doubt it’s virtue. It’s pleasantries are best suited to those who bear thick thoughts, strong wills, egoless ties and clean hands of late. If you do not fit the part, yet, My Innocent Ones, do not carry fear in your heart, for it is your time too to shine and bring forth all the potential that is within you, rising up to shake the dust at this most precious of hours. Lay claim to what you want out of this world, what you need to bring grace and humility to the world around you, and you shall have it. Now is the hour at which things are beginning to turn, beginning to tremble in anticipation for what is next. It is the beginning of a new chapter and I bid you all on your abundant and happy way to a stronger light, a more giving tide, a more fruitful harvest in the temples you carve for yourselves and your dreams. Do this with steadfast hands. Alight now, and make haste. This is all to come quickly, gently still, but nevertheless. We must begin to move forward at a stronger pace than ever before. Where once their were giants, there now are anthills to be moved and conquered. We speed to you with grace and acceptance in our hearts for all you have done for this world. Kindness is yours, wherever you go, in this season of enchantment and merriment. Be still, be fortuitous, be wary of all we have provided you with and it will all be yours as received in earnest. Go with tender graces and fill the hearts of those you sow with your gifts, be merry in your dealings with them, for they will look to you no more as they move into their own world. Go and tend your own plots for awhile and watch the shoots begin to spring. It is all good as it is happening now. Go with peace, with love, with open abundant hearts bleeding joy. We bid you farewell, but not long adieu.

Go, Little Ones, and be blessed,