Channelled Message for the Year 2015: Charlotte & Avril The Indigo

Hey, Monkeys!

Your New Year’s gift arrives early this season! Only 3 days early, but whatevaaaa…

Today’s post is a channelled message from Charlotte – about the year, 2015! Like, as in… the whole entire damn year! I considered keeping this for my subscribers who request their free copy of Charlotte’s Channelled Monthly Messages for 2015, but I was just too freaking excited not to make this one public.  😉 (If you do want your own free copy of the book in your inbox on New Year’s morning, subscribe for email updates to my blog – fill in the field in the column to the right of this post – and then send me a message with your email address and you’re all set to partaaayyy.)

Check it out – it’s going to be a fricking amazing year for those of us who believe in magic:

My Dear Ones,

This is a time of gratitude for all you have achieved, all you have come to know over the last year and a half of your making. The times have shifted; we are now in a time of celebration, of heavy lifting, no doubt, and of great endeavors for all who seek fulfillment of their values and skill and true worth. Come now, Young Children, be all that you can be and do what is of utmost importance to your talent. Bring these skills you have accumulated beyond the castle walls, bring them into the reach of others for enjoyment, for pleasure, for the purposes of vast fulfillment and honor of all those in your care. Do not step by the wayside while others do your bidding – no. Now is the time for you to step forward, Dear Ones – Beloved Ones. Now is the time for you to sow what you have wrought with your own hands, with your own entry point, bring it to fruition for all to see and hear. They will be most honored that it is they you have chosen to share these gifts with, Dear Ones. It is they who will be most handy with the skills and tools you provide them, and they will be deeply thankful for your honor in doing so.

Be certain in your skill, Dear Ones, for it is all you have on these planes to separate you from the others who tangle in their memories of things not of this world. They do not see the starlight, the heavens, the Earth revolving on its foot the way that you see the magic in the skies and all around you. They have not tasted the sweet abundance of your worth, of their worth, of all the world’s glory and ever-changing premise. They have not been guided to dispel of their worries, their phobias, their cares and concerns the way that you yourselves have done for the purpose of fulfilling your art in the best possible way. Do not dispose of those who seek your counsel, Young Ones, Brave Ones, for they too are a concern of yours that you must handle, that you must carry with you until it is your time to release them, fully healed of their concerns. It is you, Young Ones, who must be brave and heady and strong and righteous, you who must win honor and respect amongst those of your comrades, the ones waiting for you in quiet sanction, attending to your glories as they do your every fear, every hazard.

You must be brave too, Children, for the time is coming when all will break loose of this world and the tides will ebb and flow away from you, and you must be able to hold strong, must be able to keep the pace of what you are doing in order to bring tide again. You must keep your ship afloat and hold steadfast to your anchor. Do what you will, Young Children, to see yourselves through this stormy weather, but do not despair – all is well. All is given to you now in this time of need and messiness. If things do not go your way, plan ahead for better times. See them through with a heavy heart, Bright Ones, and we shall not be able to grow with you through this solemn hour. Be well in your imaginings, for all is heavy duty at first glance, but it is second glance that truly lays to rest the fears or hopes. Be strong, Loved Ones, and all that is good will find its way to you on certain path, with sprinkles of magic along the way.

There now, Loved Ones, take care. Take care of yourselves and your gifted ways and challenges. Meet them head-on and fiercely. Be brave in your sanction, in your gift, in your art, and in your artwork. Be tirelessly creative and endowed in the sectors of plenty and brilliance. Make peace with your art form, Dear Ones, for more is to pass that is to take you deeper into the reaches of the folds of your gifts and skills. At this time, there is a blossoming happening among your kind, one that is marked as the beginning of a gloriously creative time in human history, one that will be forever remembered as a time of prosperity, of abundance, happiness and worth, of great skill and knowledge, of worthiness and gladness.

Do not be afraid, Young Ones, for that time has come to show your gifts to the world, to provide them with plenty and with opportunity for growth and abolishment of old tidings, old choosings, old livelihoods. Bring them forth with your talents, your skills, your good graces and others will choose to follow. Bring forward all the works you have created in your dark holes, cooped up in your summer houses, your rain trees. Bring forward the things you have accomplished in these times when you were beating your chest, crying out loud for summer to end, to go on, to continue as always and never before. Bring these things forward, Dear Ones, and let the slave within you be released from captivity. These things are not to be rescued, oh no. They are to be handed over for examination, for study, for the purpose of spreading the word of their plenty, their station. Be kind to yourselves and others will follow. Be kind to them, and they will do the same to you.

This year is a time of great reaping, Dear Ones. Of great reckoning with your sins and your unworldly deeds and misfortunes, your mistakes and mishandlings. Let these things go, and the rest will follow. The bargains you make now are of no service to yourselves or any other. Be free of them, Dear Ones, and glad that you are ours to take care of, to have and to hold until life sweeps you off your feet and brings back to us in the form you once held as a member of our tribe. Be not afraid of these things, Gentle Souls, for the time is coming when it is you who shall be gathering the flock, bringing them in close for the curtain call. It is you who we will look to to bring them guidance and admiration from all corners of the world. We cannot bear any longer the tasks which are yours to create and take hold of. We must mention, at some point, Dear Ones, that it is we who hold for you all the callings of your countenance, all the ripe richness of your fullness and worth. We ask you now to consider making these your birth stone, your landmark, so that they too may flower and spring forth whatever bearings may come of them.

We give you plenty to provide to others of your natural skill and talent and seek to do you justice by spending our time and efforts in the realm of your choosing. However, do not task us, Dear Ones, with begetting your chosen station in the form of hearth and mantlepiece. We do not allow for such things in our favor, in our honor, and ask that you let them go. Be at peace, Young Ones, with all you have learned here in the realms of the great. Be at peace with yourselves and your talents and skills and we will do the same for you in your darkest hour as in your greatest.

Be dexterous in your sanction, Emboldened Ones. We do not give value to those who do not govern their mortal tendencies, and who abide by the laws of the careless few who digress from the challenges that lay in their windswept path. Be cautious, Young Ones, in your challenges, as in your greatness. Be careful not to spread too soon the reapings of your pleasures and successes, but spare them for the after party. Be grande in your eloquence and your visions, and spread to all those who favor you your vision for greatness and peace and prosperity in a land of freedom and bounty and beauty.

Go now, Dear Ones, and tell of what you have heard. The process is in the keeping of those born with the skill of great wisdom and livelihood borne of solace and grace.


Thank you, Charlotte!

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Channelling with Charlotte: Message for December, 2014

Hey, Everyone!

I’ve got an announcement coming soon (actually a few announcements) and I’m going to post it in video format, so as soon as I get a chance to record it you’ll get the lowdown! I’m crazy excited to share the news, so keep your eyes peeled. For now, enjoy Charlotte’s message for this month – it’s very positive and uplifting, so it’s perfect for the holiday season:

Friends and Family,

Young and old alike: we come to you with great propensity for how to still your mind and put your thoughts at ease. We do not shelter you from all that you carry, nor do we bargain with you to gain what we think is the best route for you to follow – these things must come of your own accord, in your own worthiness and light, and of your own following – but still we make room for you to grow by scraping all that is unclean and unkempt and untidy from your lifestyle and your wants and your ways. We keep them clear so that you may progress to the next level of your own accord, of your own restraint, your own liege, and we do not complain if we see yourselves choosing the wanton way despite all that we carry for you.

This path you must follow if it is to be your own – your own choosing, your own immortality leading you to greater things than we can dare choose for you. Do not oblige to take the path that you are given, Dear Ones – this is not the way that we intend for you to go about your day, choosing this or that because you feel it has been ordained for you to do so. Rather, we seek to embellish your life and your tapestry with our art, with our wise keepings that so often have lead you to the favors you now seek. These things are here for you, always, Dear One, but you mustn’t stray from what it is your heart desires. Your heart desires courage, warmth, love, respite, blossoming of the chakra complex, and many other things we would bestow upon you if we could do so.

Just think, Dear Ones, how fulfilled you will be if you were to take this chance presented before you, the one in your heart you keep at a far distance from your mind’s eye, the one you choose to follow against all odds, in all circumstances, with all favors and contours of the inner realm. Just think, Young Ones, how alive and free you could be if you take what is within you and let it shine for all to bear witness to. How brightly you would glow with knowledge and favor and the sweetness of your complexity, your prosperity, your wonder and amazement at all you are worth in this world.

Be not afraid, Young Ones, for the time has come to present yourselves to society, as it is calling upon you and your skilled hands, your healer’s hands, to make the mark so many have been confused to make in generations past. The time has come, my Friends and Family, to bear witness to these trials of late, to bring them forward and mold them into lessons and values and attitudes of greatness, of richness and prosperity, of worthiness and glass slippers.

Be right in your ways, Young Children, for the light is shining on you, and your marks will be the brightest of all for those who come afterwards. Be wise with this, Dear Ones, for we are greatly privileged to work with you and to have had this exchange of tongues and techniques of connection. We have been waiting a long time to bring forth our knowledge and our gifts to you, and all we ask is that you bring them onward into the waiting hands of the many.


I don’t know about the rest of you, but I like the sound of glass slippers! Thank you, Charlotte. 🙂 I’ll see you all on Monday morning with a new post (yup! The posting schedule is getting a shake-up!) and it’s gonna be a must-read for those of you who are healers and/or self-development junkies… 😉

Until Monday.


Channeled Message for August, 2014

I went on a retreat to California this past week and it was nothing short of life-altering. I’ll be doing a blog post about it this week but, for now, here’s a long overdue message from Charlotte for this past month:

Hello, Great Ones, and blessings to you.

We have come in the form of Angels for those of you who are in doubt with regards to our existence and our Light form. We come with gratitude in hand for those of you who have taken the steps necessary to transform yourselves and your lives as a whole and who are willing to walk the straight path we have laid before you. We ask those of you who are still struggling with these things to bring forth your worries and your questions to us so that we may address them appropriately, as desired by all those who have come before you and laid the path you now see in front of your person. We represent for you all that you have come to acquire in your lifetime; all the knowledge, all the wisdom, all the comprehension of your ancestors, and their ancestors, as well as the ones who set their piece in stone and said, “This is how it ought to be; this is where we want this path to go,” and then laid the brick and mortar for you to follow as you carry on this journey.

Be at peace, Young Ones, for the time is young still, too. You have much to accomplish in this lifetime, of course, but we cannot guarantee that these things will happen for you, that you will live to see such things occur. We ask only that you set your foot forward in the direction we gave you and carry on your way, resolved to do more, be more, spend more of your energy and time with us so that we may transfix you in this path of light and keep in time with all that is unfolding for you. This is not to be rehearsed, or dreaded, or confused with making a living for yourself. You are free to follow any course of action you like in that regards, but keep up the tandem of your pace with us; keep giving of your abilities and your talents and knowledge and skills in these matters and we will step forward with you, showing you where you need to go and who you need to keep in touch with. Do not be afraid of failing, Dear Ones, for the time is ripe with action and all that has come before you still needs improvement, still needs a course of action and a declaration of love and steadfastness. We give you what you need to make these items happen and hope that you will transpire with us and make this “a regular thing”. We hold no own against you, we do not attempt to lead your hand in any way, shape or form; just know that we are watching you always, and guiding you as to the right course of action. It is up to you to follow. It is up to you, Dear Ones, to walk behind us and give us your all, give us your voices and your hands and your hearts and heads and minds. We will not abuse these things, no, but we will use them to their utmost potential if you allow us full rein and give us your attention when we seek it.

Do not be afraid of failure, of stumbling on the path when there is no one in front to catch you. We will be there with you, always, and just know that those times you do stumble and fall are when you most need it, when you most desperately are searching for a way out of the darkness and need to be given the realization that you cannot always guide with a heavy heart and that you must drop these things before continuing onward. These times of unrest are when you will learn the most; they are great experiences in that they will teach you things and favors that no other time in your life could produce. Embrace them with courage, my Loved Ones. Be open to their flavour, to their texture, to the beat of their drum and the hand with which they are dealt to you. They will not last forever, but rather for a time during which you are sought to give strength to others through your endurance and your determination to overcome even the toughest of droughts. Be brave, my friends; be strong and courageous, even when you feel you have nothing left to give. Give more. Be more. Do more with your life than you ever thought possible and the end will come to you with overwhelming clarity and brilliance, such as you have never before imagined.

Imagine this: yourself, surrounded by loved ones, honoured and cherished by the best of those you have welcomed into your world, and all the glory of your days laid before you in a satisfying stream of intellect, knowledge, thirst for more than you could ever experience, pleasure beyond control, your wildest dreams made ripe and plucked from the tree of hardiness and strength. Be not afraid, Good Ones, for these things can be yours and more if you but give yourself freely to the Light and the songs that are within you, waiting to be freed from the dungeon you have been keeping them in. We ask not that you drop whatever it is that you’re currently doing to follow a new direction, but we do ask that you give yourself plenty of time to “check these things out”, and to march forward in the fashion you have been doing so diligently as of late so as not to heed your progress in the area of your concern. We ask that you refrain from calling yourselves names, out of pity, out of fear, out of remembrance of things past, and that you only move forward with us, giving yourself the time and the space and energy to complete the tasks before you so that we may accomplish the things we set out to do in this world, bring others to the Light Path, and raise the consciousness of the planet as a whole.

Do not be overwhelmed by these things, my Loved Ones, for we are all gathering at a pace now that we had hoped would bear itself in these times of strife. Be certain of your skills and talents; they are blessings in disguise for some of you who have not yet found the way of the Lightworker and, like many others, are still struggling to find your hold in this world. We will be there for you, Children! Do not be afraid of what is to come! There is honour and righteousness in what you are doing, and the best is yet to come. So be on your way, with all you have been given. Shelter none from the truths of our foothold here, and we will be sure to compensate you accordingly. These things are great even in their weakest state, and the weakest link among you is strong and sturdy enough to hold even against the starkest thunders.

Be not afraid, Loved Ones. Things are shifting. The tide is coming in for us and the final ebb is about to unfold.

Peace with you and your loved ones,


Thank you, Charlotte.




Channeled message for March, 2014

Eeeeek! It’s been a long time since I last posted! Here’s the channeling session for the month of March:

My Dear Ones,

The time has come for you to embrace your true callings. These things, these paths that you have chosen are only those that can help you so far along your way. You must turn at some point in this period – make a fresh start of it and choose a new way to travel. For those of you who have not yet done this, now is the time to step forward and lay claim to your throne. It is your nature to do so with earnest intent and deliberate motive, to make quick and guide easy to the parting of these oceans that stand in your way.

It is time now to move forward of your own accord. We can grant you further access to the realms of the unspoken word, the healing truth, the Light that resides within All also resides within you. It is your duty, your responsibility to take these matters into your own hands. Lay down your weapons, pay homage to those who have come before you.

The time is now to strike your graces upon those who would not see you for your true worth, your immortal soul, be they not willing or compliant with the plans we have set before them in their time here. This is not your concern. You need only concern yourselves with the glowing light that is in your heart of hearts, the true calling to which you feel yourself beckoned. Go forth, like the hands that form a steeple. Rise ever upwards and onwards and we will be there to collect you when you have great need or questions that need answering.

If you fail in our request of your Divine nature, we will not be granted the joy that should accompany such fulfillment of our promises to you and yours. We would be blessed and honored to present these things to you, in full bounty, on the day you claim heir to the palace of your creations. You have done such marvelous tasks that require coaxing, and trying periods of duress and failure you have suffered through. Well, no more of these things, Dear Sweet Ones. These things are through for you and your kind. Leave them behind in the world you are stepping out of. The Light beckons you from above and it asks only that you endure with grace those things that it places in your path. These things are not wholesomely tiring like others that have preceded them – they are only here for your education, the progression of your spirit’s cause in this world. All things must start out this way, with some fortitude, a little leveling, and then upper advancement. These challenges are laid at your feet with great wealth in stride of them and their accomplishments. If you choose to follow where we are leading you, you will not fall astray.

Remember, the heart is a wary item – wary of its true nature, its deepest thrills and desires and its secret yearnings. You must be master of all that is in your heart. If you do not follow the laws of simple magic, of attracting what you want and need, then what else can be done to aid you in your journey here? You certainly don’t expect us to pull out all the stops and come there in the flesh and drill you on what it is you should and shouldn’t be doing, now do you? No. You cannot expect these things. You must pay close attention to us and the subtle messages we send to you. These things are of no little value. Their odds are great in welcoming you to the land of all you have forgotten, and all you aspire to achieve. For us, these modes of communication are imperative and we urge you to hold them and build on them with assuredness and persistence. They will not fail you in their ability to carry out conversations with us, nor will they disappoint you with their accuracy and timeliness.

Go now, and carry forth this knowledge to others of like minds and hearts, who want to believe but find themselves doubting. Your time has come, my Beloveds, my Dear Sweet Ones, and we must hurry things along now to keep up with the changes taking place in your globe. Do not be hesitant to try new things, new modes of communication with us. Whatever works for you we will find a way to work with.

Do not doubt the accuracy of our requests to you in your time here. These things are not to be taken lightly. They will lead you to ultimate pleasure – fulfillment of a physical nature, as well as a spiritual one. These things need not be taxing on you and your familiars – simply go forth with the intention to find what it is that you are good at. These things will find you and carry you further along the path without your even knowing it. The occurrences that your kind would view as setbacks, as accidents, as mistakes even, are not what we would refer to with such negativity in our minds. These happenings are all part of the layout, part of your learning and experience here on this planet. How can you get to point B without crossing over A, first? You can’t. These matters are not for your reflection, they are simply to guide and instruct you better in how to spend your days and years. The more you do here, the better. The more you learn to listen, to look where you are headed, the more glorious the outcome will be. If we can be of service to you in any way it is this.

Do not fret so over things you have yet to build, to restore, to tear down even. These things will all happen as they are meant to, in the space and time during which they are meant to occur. You cannot rush things. You cannot force your hand to follow through with items that are not yet in place for you at this time. These things are coming for you, and will be well within your reach before you have time to question your aspirations and heart’s calling. It is well that you want to do so much with your time here and that you seek to follow through with such measurements but, we warn you, do not be distracted by those things that bear your name and chant it with seeming tenderness towards all that you aspire to do. These items will lead you astray from your path of righteousness and creed, will break down the door of your holdings and smash all that you have built to this date. You cannot allow this to happen. These things are not yours to keep, to aspire to, to grasp and bring forth with you. You must let them go now, or be lost with their cause.

We let you go now to mull over these teachings and warnings of ours, to consider the consequences of all your actions, be they right-minded or otherwise. Go and put forth your best legs, your feet, your angel wings that we have gifted you. Do not be afraid of the outcome for it is all that we have planned for you, and all is unfolding exactly as anticipated. Be quiet and low-key, and when the hour comes for your unveiling you will be so pleased with the results that you will wonder that you ever urged towards anything other. Go now, Little Ones, and make your mark on the world. It is waiting for you.


Thank you, Charlotte.

Channeled Message for February, 2014

Wow, the channeled message for this month really hit home for me. Lately, I’ve been feeling “restricted” as Charlotte says, trying to mask certain aspects of my personality (specifically, the wild and crazy side that want to get down and partay in the most vulgar way possible), and I’ve really been struggling with feeling as though I can’t just be honest and open about it. After doing this channeling, I’ve decided to go ahead and begin working on a special project that I’ve felt a little nervous about bringing to life.

What are the rest of you finding with the messages? What sorts of connections have you been drawing between the channelings and your own lives? I think it’s so important for us to talk about this stuff and share what we’re all going through as healers, lightworkers, or even just as humans who are awakening to our spiritual nature. Leave your replies in the comments below – I’d love to hear some of your stories.

Take it away, Charlotte.

Women and Men of the New World,

I come to you with great honour, for now is the time when you shall seize with utmost care and reverence all that has been laid before you, all that we have guided you with and towards. Now is when it shall all come together for you, in this hour of your making.

We are warmed by your appeals for guidance and for your taking up of our quest for humankind, the nature of which is not as tumblesome as one might expect, considering all that is to concur as a result of your efforts and graciousness. We are here to guide you in this hour of your greatest need, when time is precious and must be used wisely – no more dilly-dallying! Take up arms, my Glowing Ones, for the time has come that we must lay aside weapons of mass destruction and take up the tools of our trade. It is time now for you all to hear what one another is saying, raise your voices and open your ears simultaneously – spread the words that you have gathered inside of you, give voice to those opinions that you feel you should harbour closely and guard like well-kept secrets that might lay your undoing before you. These things need to be given voice. That is your challenge for the month.

If you forge us this small grappling, we can assure you that the surprises in store for you will not mark your heart with sorrow or anguish or fear. They will not shape your undoing, as you might imagine, but they will give wing to your desire to be free of constraints and restrictions that you feel have been placed upon you by others of your own kind. This was never to be and we ask you now to shake away all that has come before you, those “rules” that you have been following as a lightworker or a dark knight expected to glow with the reverie of ideas and ideals of the past. These things were never meant for you to take to heart, never meant to bring you to your knees in grievance for all that you must withhold from others. You are the Light Ones, but that does not mean that you cannot glow with anger, with frustration, with resentment or disheartenment from time to time. In truth, it is expected that you would feel all these things and more, and we expect that in feeling these things as deeply as you are prone to do, you will learn and grow in ways that could not be expected otherwise. It is important then, for you to be honest about these emotions and thoughts and ideas that tumble through you, that you reach out to others and say, “Do you feel this way? So do I!” and join one another in the glorious realization that yes, you are human, not simply born of the light and crafted to perfection.

If you are at unease with this challenge, take heart, for there are better things on the horizon should you take us up on our offering to you. We cannot promise that all will agree with you, but we can conclude that doing this will free you in ways you have not yet imagined. Reaching out to those who are your brothers and sisters and letting them see you for who you truly are – the good, the bad, the downright unappealing – will loosen you up for true advancement and growth – and those brothers and sisters we speak of will love you all the more for it. It is not a shameful thing to have ill thoughts, ill feelings, misguided lapses in judgement, fears, phobias, etc. It is the human thing – something we all expect of each and every one of you. It is not too late yet to let these things go, to set them before yourself and others and say to the world, “This is me, as I am. The whole of me – nothing less, and everything honoured.” This is important for future generations and classes of lightworkers and healers to continue with the foundations you are now building. If they are to “take up the cross” so to speak, they must be educated and schooled in such a way that they feel they can measure up to the expectations of the job description. Who wants to chase perfection? Who wants to be held liable to such a thing? Who is able to? No one. And we do not expect any of you to hold yourselves accountable should you fail to be perfect in your mission here on Earth. We shall, however, be rather disappointed should you fail to cross the finish line for fear that the going will not be smooth enough, fast enough, that you are not long-winded enough, smart enough, etc. These things are not for you to concern yourselves with – these are ours to look after. Do your bidding, fulfill your purpose with confidence and we shall see to it that the rewards you reap are plentiful and abundant in their stretch over time.

Go now, and be careful with all you have learned. Practice patience and gratitude for all you now know. Time is well on your side, you have much of it, but do not make that an excuse to waste it! Time is not for wasting, no matter the volume you hold in front of you. Lay it out in chunks and accomplish the projects you have stuck your hands and feet in. Draw to a close all those that you wish to pursue and when you have selected them, pursue them with passion, grace, humility and reverence for what you can create with this mortal body and mortal time elements. Do not falter in your expectations for greatness – it is yours! It is on the horizon! Be brave and you will feel it in your bones for what is coming. Dash and quell all those voices that tell you these things are not meant to be. They will be. They will be of your own making, not others’, so do not allow others’ opinions to mar you from your course of action – their own actions and words will shape their own paths in the manner most suitable to them.

Now is the time when all things, all people, every aspect of this turning over period shall merge as one and come together in such unexpected, seemingly unplanned ways. This is all part of the plan, and we beseech you to hold still in your inquiries, in your uncertainties, in your fears, and to move forward with us, at this time. It is time to bring your whole selves forward, to move as one into the light, not as already-perfect souls that have transformed and shaped into whatever it is you were expecting to become at the end of your journey here, but as souls who are still in the midst of their journey, who have desire to change all those things about them that they most wish to leave behind. These things are still shaping you, still teaching you lessons that you have yet to embrace. We cannot cast aside the things that will ultimately lead us to grace and perfection in the eyes of our Maker.

Take these things to heart, be well in the idea of your evolution as a progression of your spirit and your soul. These things are not to be taken lightly. They are to be regarded and visualized with utmost care, with love, with devotion. It is important for you to understand all that we do is in favour of your upbringing, of your rising from the dust to the parting heavens before you. It is important that you understand that what needs to be exposed, what truths need to be told will raise generations from the dust beneath you and bring the world forward into the light as a result of the honesty with which you share yourselves. Do not be afraid of consequences. Our hands will not fault you for being who you are, and we do not require that those of your race, the Lightworker race, be super-human even in the best of times. No, such expectations are not placed upon you, so do not attempt to place them over your own head or the heads of others. These things are unreachable challenges and are simply created as a diversion from your true tasks, or as a delay from all that which you are expected to accomplish.

If you fear retribution for crimes of the past, for mistakes made, for falterings on your part, know this: all that has come before has been a test of your skill, of your diplomacy, of your hands, of your ability to create at will. Even when you have not succeeded in pursuing the highest ideals, in forging with truth and light in your heart, still you were learning from those experiences – still you were beginning to push up from where you had been planted in the ground, and were slowly making your way to the sunlight above you. It was always expected that you would falter, that you would “screw up” (and deliciously so!), and we cannot place blame on you for fulfilling the needs of the Universe, of all those souls who also needed to learn lessons in the way that you provided by challenging their patience, kindness, honesty, integrity, etc. These things and events did not only involve you, belong to you, and were not only of your making. “It takes two to tango”, goes the saying. In order for one to learn, many must participate and all shall reap the benefits in the end. Trust in this and take heart that all is forgiven the moment you ask, the moment you are able to look at what you have done and the ways in which you have wronged and ask for love and mercy. Lay before the Universe your deepest regrets and allow them to be washed away and replaced with the promises of new tomorrows, as many as you like and think you can handle. They are all there for the taking, but you must acknowledge the past before you can step with assuredness into the future of your choosing. Do this, and you will have no regrets.


Thank you, Charlotte!