Crystal Elixir Tutorial: Creating Essences for Yourself and Your Animals

If you have ever wanted to try Energy Therapy with your animals, I can’t think of a easier way to do so then by introducing your fuzzy buddies to essences. In this video, I show you how to create Crystal Elixirs/ Crystal Essences that you can either take yourself, or give to your animals. Elixirs are fun, safe, and (like I said) easy to make. Not to mention that the concoction possibilities are – literally – endless.

When creating an elixir for an animal, sometimes instead of pouring the Mother Essence into a large plastic bottle and freezing it, I will distribute it into a few ice cube trays, top up the trays with regular water, and freeze them. Then I’ll put an ice cube in my animal’s water dish each day. You can’t overdose on Crystal Elixir, so don’t worry about giving the animal too much (but make sure to always provide them with that 2nd bowl of regular water). Using the ice cube method just means that the Mother Essence won’t last as long (so thank God that elixirs are so easy to make).

Note: You don’t have to use expensive stones or crystals in your elixir – tumbled stones are sold in New Age shops often for less than $1, and you can even use just regular rocks and stones (like the ones that you find in your garden). Everything in nature has healing properties, so get creative! If you’re ever unsure about the toxicity of a stone, crystal or rock, just use the indirect method to create your elixir (one bowl or glass containing the crystals, placed inside of another bowl). This method is just as effective as if you were to place the stones directly in the water.

Next week, I will post a list of trusted books and resources that you can use to determine the safety of various crystals and that will provide some information about their healing properties. I will also channel some elixir recipes for you to try out, and post ones that some of my animal clients have enjoyed.

Do you have an elixir recipe that you’d like to share? Which crystals do you feel most drawn to experiment with? Do you have a special method for choosing the crystals that you work with? Share your comments below – everyone has something to teach, and we can all learn from each other’s experience.

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